Beach and Water Sports      

Palm Beach SLSC has a proud history in beach and water sports. Our members compete across internal club, SNB Branch, State and National Titles across beach, craft and swimming events. Getting involved in competition is fun and keeps you fit.


You can train and compete in a range of areas and age groups from (both Open and Masters levels) with training offered both in focus sports (surf swimming, beach sprints, flags, etc) and general all-purpose fitness. Training is made available both at the surf club and closer to the city.





Ocean Swimming

Swimming in the ocean is very different to swimming in a pool and is one of our clubs most enjoyed and participated in activity with members participating in events hosted all across Sydney, not just the Northern Beaches. It is also a great way for members to push themselves to swim ever longer distances, and become proficient at swimming in a raft of different surf conditions. The club even plays host to one of the most iconic swims in the calendar, the Palm Beach to Whale Beach swim.


Due to this passion the club has formed an Ocean Swim Team where members can join a community of likeminded swimmers whom swim together to push themselves to new strengths.