About Palmy


Since 1921, the Palm Beach SLSC has existed to protect the lives of all who visit our beach and swim in our waters. Founded by historic individuals like Sir Adrian Curlewis (widely considered the Father of Surf Life Saving), and in the spirit of the First Infantry Battalion from which we take our colours, it is a service we take on with great pride and diligence.

Located at the northern most point of Sydney, Australia, the Club is not within easy access of local emergency services, and we have consistently strived towards a level of excellence in the quality of our lifesavers to ensure they can act as needed when required. It is this pursuit of excellence which saw us awarded with the Most Outstanding Club (for Lifesaving) in the 2017 / 18 Surf Life Saving Northern Beaches Awards for Excellence.

Our location also encourages us to offer our members a well-rounded lifestyle of competition, socialising and training to make up for the sometime 3 hour journeys our members can make from areas such as Orange and Bathurst. This is why we are also one of the few surf life saving clubs that offers its members accommodation.

Competitively, Palm Beach regularly competes in the highest levels of Surf Life Saving Competition, and have been consistently honoured at a national level with podium finishes due to the incredible efforts of our Surfboat Rowers and Masters teams (affectionately named the ‘Palmy Army’).

Socially, we have long recognised the importance that friendships can play in creating more enjoyable and effective patrols, while also retaining our members long after their active service is complete. This is why we regularly host social functions that not only raise funds for the Club’s activity as a surf life saving club, but create long-lasting memories of good times and friendship for our members. Talk to enough of our members, and you’ll hear the words “Palmy family” tossed around more than once.

Training-wise, we are fortunate enough to have a robust training programme, that offers our members many opportunities to improve their skills in both surf and lifesaving. Every weekend we host 7am swims at the local pool, while also offering member swims across Sydney during the week (i.e. Bold & The Beautiful in Manly, and the Bondi Salties). We also offer regular surf skill sessions from experienced members, well-organised and coordinated Bronze training programmes, expertly managed IRB Driving and Crewman courses and a host of other opportunities consistently during the season (and sometimes in the off-season). With yearly proficiency required for many SLSA awards, we put great value in keeping our member’s skills sharp and honed.